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Upland City Attorney, James Markman, will be receiving a public performance evaluation and consideration for dismissal this Monday and we need your voices to speak in support of his exit.

We are urging all of you to attend and express your dissatisfaction with his performance specifically on the illegal handling of the Memorial Parkland sale agreement.

As a reminder, Markman executed an illegal contract with San Antonio Hospital. The contract is currently in escrow yet it did not meet Government compliance:

· No Public Notice made as required by law

· No Public Hearing conducted as required by law

· No Public Input gathering as required by law

· Court rejected its validation

· Contract claims it’s a “parking easement, it's not (watch the video)

Markman’s job is to provide sound legal advice to city staff, council members and overall represents the interest of the City of Upland, not the interest of San Antonio Regional Hospital.

Three votes from Council Members is needed to confirm his dismissal and it’s urgent that they hear from all of you and demand we have a City Attorney who will work in our best interest.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to them by Monday, Oct 14th 12noon:

  • ·Debbie Stone:

  • Janice Elliot:

  • Rudy Zuniga:

  • Bill Velto:

  • Ricky Felix:

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