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Memorial Park - Resolution to Approve Grant Application

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

In case you missed the meeting monday night, a vote was cast to adopt a resolution to approve the Prop 68 grant application. However, the application is not yet complete nor has it been reviewed by City council.

Prior to their vote a group of us urged council to table this resolution until the application and design plan is made available to the public and schedule a special meeting thereafter (Note: City Manager Rosemary Hoerning, preferred this approach as evident in her public statement).

Unfortunately, the resolution was passed based on the below votes. This means that the proposal & design plan will be submitted without approval by stakeholders and Council (as required by state):

Debbie Stone - Yes

Bill Velto - Yes

Janice Elliot - No*

Rudy Zuniga - No*

Ricky Felix - Yes

*Remarked that they felt uncomfortable voting to approve something they have not even seen yet.

Thank you Janice Miesel Elliott and Rudy Zuñiga, for your wise judgement and for doing the right thing! We too appreciate all the hard work and dedication by city staff in gathering input, but also believe in following the legal process and the mantra to "trust but verify".

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