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People For Upland Parks is a non-profit organization established by City of Upland residents to advocate for the preservation and protection of public land, especially parks. 

Our Mission

Advocate for the preservation, protection, and enhancement of our open green space on behalf of local and non-local residents for the betterment of the health, well-being, and enrichment of our community. 

Our Statement of Values

  • Maximize green space, which includes trees and plants.


  • Maximize multipurpose open space, where there are no existing trees or structures, and the diversification of uses.


  • Maximize economical and physical accessibility.  Ensure that disadvantaged residents have equal access to parks as a public good.  Minimize fees.


  • Maximize environmental sustainability.  Incorporate native and drought-tolerant plants/trees into park designs.  Maximize groundwater recharge and wildlife habitat.


  • Foster community bonding and improve existing community spaces in park designs and improvements.


  • Ensure public transparency and accountability of all public and private entities to comply with all laws that protect public parkland.

About Us
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