Save Memorial Park

What is Going On?

On March 26, 2018, the Upland City Council approved the sale of 12% (the southern ball field and its surrounding area) of our lovely Upland Memorial Park to San Antonio Regional (SAR) Hospital. The hospital wants this area for future expansion and parking.

On May 16, 2018, the city of Upland asked the superior court in San Bernardino to approve the parkland sale via a lawsuit so that the city would not have to hold an election to complete the sale.

One year later on May 29, 2019, Judge Cohn ruled that it was ILLEGAL for the city of Upland to ask the court to validate their sale of Memorial Park land, so the case was thrown out. For clarification, the court did NOT determine whether or not the sale itself was valid, but that the court could not make a decision on this type of case, a validation action.

For these and the other reasons, the parkland sale has not been finalized! To convince the city of Upland and SAR Hospital to stop moving forward with this sale agreement, People for Upland Parks is asking you to help protest the sale.


Who Can Help?

Anyone who is cares about saving our public parks! You do not have to be an Upland resident.

Why Should I Help?

This sale of 4.6 acres of public parkland will decrease the quality of life for Upland residents and their surrounding communities. The money from this sale cannot replace the invaluable public parkland that will be lost.

(Please click here for 6 reasons why you should oppose the sale)

How Can I Help?

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