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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who decides whether we will move forward with an election?
    During the Public Hearing which has not yet been scheduled, the law protecting parks (govern. code 38450) says that during the public hearing "protests (against park abandonment) are sustained unless overruled by two-thirds vote of the legislative body." Which means that four of the five councilmembers must vote to go forward with the election
  • Why should I care about this issue if I don't live near the park or use it?
    This sale of 4.6 acres of public parkland will decrease the quality of life for Upland residents and their surrounding communities. The money from this sale cannot replace the invaluable public parkland that will be lost.
  • This parkland sale will benefit our local hospital so shouldn't we accomodate their needs especially if they employ alot of people?
    Our parks are precious resource and memorial park has a history of losing acreage from private interest. Once we lose green space we cannot reclaim it so we are asking San Antonio Regional Hospital to look at other alternatives: -Have their employees park somewhere farther and priotize patient parking, -encourage employee carpooling, -Utilize their own property like the nearby strawberry field for parking and offer shuttle services to their employees -Build a multi-story parking structure like most hospitals do, etc.

About the Reunion

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