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If you would like to make a donation and help us with campaign costs such as printing flyers, lawn signs, etc., please make out and send your check to:

People for Upland Parks Committee Against Measure Q (Sorry for the lengthy name!)

PO Box 141

Upland, CA 91785

So that we comply with California state laws for all campaign contributions and we are able to deposit your check,  please include the following information with your check:

Full Name




If Self-employed, Nature of Business

If Political Action Committee, ID#

Amount of Check



We will be activating our site to receive credit card payments soon.


However, please note this is not a tax deductible transaction as we have not yet formally established as a 501(c) organization.


Thank you! 

In-Kind Contribution

This form is to be completed by individuals who contributed to People For Upland Parks organization other than cash donation such as goods and supplies for events, activities and/or day to day operations. 

Purpose of Donation

Thank you for your in-kind contribution & for supporting our cause!

About the Reunion

In-Kind Donation
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