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Against Measure Q

The Sierra Club Opposes Measure Q*

In October of 2020, the Sierra Club reviewed Upland's Measure Q and decided to support a "No" vote for it.  The following are two club policies that they considered in their review:


E. The Right to Sustainable Environmental Benefits

People are entitled to enjoy the sustainable aesthetic, recreational, cultural, historical, scientific, educational, religious, sacred, sustenance, subsistence, cultural, and other environmental benefits of natural resources. However, actions that tend to ruin the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community are unethical.

F. The Right to Equity

Environmentally degrading land uses should be avoided, but when such uses occur, they should be equitably sited taking into account all environmental and community impacts including the cumulative and synergistic ecological and health effects of multiple facilities. All people have the right to a safe and healthful work and home environment.

* This link is provided so that readers can review the Sierra Club's official endorsement against Measure Q. People for Upland Parks does not officially support or oppose any of the candidates or ballot measures mentioned on the Sierra Club's webpage, except that we, of course, agree that we should all vote "No" on Measure Q.

Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability
Statement in Opposition to Measure Q
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