Save Memorial Park
6 Reasons To Oppose the Sale

1) The Sale Is Illegal!

  • California laws (Government Code Sections 38440-38462) prohibit the sale of public parkland without replacement or an election.

  • No proper public notice, public hearings, parkland replacements, or elections have occurred regarding this sale.


2) This Is A Land Grab!

The hospital has not presented to the public any alternatives to purchasing and building on publicly-owned parkland. For example, a parking structure could be built on its current property.
- SAR Hospital has about 10 acres of undeveloped land within ¼ mile of its main campus that it can build on. This land consists of the strawberry patch on the northeast corner of Foothill Blvd. and Grove Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga.


3) Upland City Policies Do Not Support This Sale!
This sale contradicts the 2015 Upland General Plan’s goals and policies to preserve
park space (OSC-3.1), wildlife habitat (OSC-1.1), and mature trees (OSC–2.6).
Over 4.6 acres (12%) of park space would be permanently lost to a hospital, which is a non-recreational facility.
- Mature native oak trees and habitat for wildlife, such as native birds, that occupy this part of the park would be lost.


4) The Sale Would Set A Dangerous Precedent to allow for the sale of any city parkland for a private parking lot, with limited public access, without a citywide election or
parkland replacement!

5) Public Open Space Is Limited!
- The demands on the remaining open green space in the park will increase, especially since the amount of true open space in the remaining park area is already limited due to the many buildings, fenced-off areas, and parking lots that already occupy the park.
- The need for open park space is increasing due to our ever-growing population.
- The sale creates a social injustice for the lower-economic/minority community that
surrounds Memorial Park by depriving them of recreational land.


6) Our Parkland Is Priceless!
- Parks provide many economic benefits that are often overlooked, such as health cost savings, tourism tax revenue, and storm water retention to prevent flooding.
- Upland is trading a long-term asset of land for a depreciating asset of park improvements.
- We love our public parks!

7) What About the Hospital?
Although we greatly value San Antonio Regional (SAR) Hospital, we believe that public parkland is a priceless treasure that we cannot afford to lose. SAR Hospital has other options that they can pursue to carry out their expansion plans. We are confident that the hospital will be able to continue providing excellent health care for the community without sacrificing our parkland.

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