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Stop The Sale of Memorial Parkland - Appeal Vote

In case you missed the meeting yesterday, a vote was cast on whether or not to appeal the case regarding the sale of Memorial Parkland with San Antonio Regional Hospital (SARH).

Prior to their vote a group of us urged council not to appeal as it would drag this issue for several years and cost us legal fees.

Ultimately here's how each voted: (No = Appeal, Yes = Not to Appeal)

Debbie Stone - No

Bill Velto - Yes*

Janice Elliot - Yes

Rudy Zuniga - Yes*

Ricky Felix - Abstain

*Remarked that if we move forward with an election, hospital should pay for those costs.

Thank you to Janice Miesel Elliott, Rudy Zuñiga, Bill Velto for your vote!! We sincerely appreciate it!

We look forward to a fair, just and transparent process as we continue to advocate for Memorial Park and all our open green space!

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